Moth Box Novel Edition, July 2017 | Review

September 13, 2017     Marissa     Books, Subscription Box Review

Hey everyone! I received my July Moth Box in the mail a while ago, and it’s about time I wrote a review for you guys. I’m a bit behind in my posts, but let’s be real, I’m always behind. Anyway, let’s get into the review. If you guys haven’t heard of Moth Box yet, you should definitely check it out. It’s a bookish subscription box that was created by Mercedes, who you may know from her YouTube channel, which is called Mercys Bookish Musings. This box is now a monthly subscription with a bit of a twist. There are two different types of boxes available to purchase Every month, there’s either a novel box, in which you receive two novels, or a short story box, in which you receive two short story collections. All the books in the box are from indie publishers. You can check out the website here! This review is not sponsored, this is the fourth Moth Box I’ve purchased and I’ve loved the way the books in each of them have sounded. I haven’t managed to read them yet, but I’m super excited to get to them! Anyway, let’s get into the review of this box!

As always, the box is beautifully packaged. When you open it you see the Moth Box card, which tells you the month and the specific box you ordered. I ordered the novel edition, so I received two novels this month. The books come individually wrapped to further enhance the surprise of what you’re getting. I loved the orange tissue paper this month, it made it feel very autumnal for me. With each book, you also get a beautiful bookmark with the Moth Box logo on it, and a quote from the novel on the back. I also love Mercedes’ description of the books on the back of the card, it always makes me want to read the books. She tells you how the two books in the box are related I was so excited to find out what the books were this month, because I’ve been so happy with all the others that Mercedes has decided to include.

Next comes the fun part! Unwrapping the books. So, the two books included this month were The Iron Age by Arja Kajermo, which is published by Tramp Press and The Next Step In the Dance by Tim Gautreaux, which is published by Fox, Finch & Tepper. These books sound wildly different, but I’m so excited about both of them. Here’s what the books look like!

If you’re interested in the quotes Mercedes included on the back of the bookmarks, here is the one for The Iron Age:

“I wondered who would win if the witch and grandmother were pitched against one another.” — The Iron Age by Arja Kajermo

And here is the one for The Next Step in the Dance:

“But at least everything was green and nothing was thorned” — The Next Step in the Dance by Tim Gautreax

I think I’m most intrigued by The Iron Age, so I think I’ll start with that one when I get to these. Overall, I’m extremely pleased and excited by the choices Mercedes made for this month’s box. If you also enjoy short story collections, you should check out the short story edition of Moth Box. The next Novel Edition Moth Box will be available in September! I will be posting individual reviews of these books as soon as I’ve finished reading them! Now, if you’re interested in a bit of a description of both of these books, I’ve put that below! Like I said before, these books sound absolutely amazing.

The Iron Age by Arja Kajerno
Published by Tramp Press on May 4, 2017
Genres: Fiction
Pages: 128
Format: Print, Paperback

Arja Kajermo’s debut The Iron Age is part coming-of-age novel, and part fairy-tale told from the perspective of a young girl growing up in the poverty of post-war Finland. On her family’s austere farm, the Girl learns stories and fables of the world around her – of Miina, their sleeping neighbour; that you should never turn a witch away at the door; how people get depressed if pine trees grow too close to the house; and why her father was unlucky not to have died in the war.

Then, when she is little more than six years only, the family crosses from Finland to Sweden, from a familiar language to a strange one, from one unfriendly home to another. The Girl, mute but watchful, weaves a picture of her volatile father, resilient mother and strangely resourceful brothers.

The Iron Age, which grew out of the story shortlisted for the 2014 Davy Byrne’s Award, is disarming in its unadorned simplicity and unsentimental account of hard times and hard people. In Kajermo’s darkly funny debut, with illustrations throughout, folk tales and traditional custom clash with economic reality, from rural Finland to urban Sweden.

The Next Step in the Dance by Tim Gautreaux
Published by Fox, Finch & Tepper on November 6, 2004
Genres: Fiction
Pages: 400
Format: Print, Paperback

Tiger Island, Louisiana is home to Paul, a contented machinist with killer dance moves and Colette his ambitious, outspoken wife. Amidst the bar brawls and boiled crab of her economically troubled hometown, Colette is hungry for a life of opportunity and sophistication. Armed with only her wits and her “tongue like a fillet knife” she heads West to California, but Paul, Tiger Island, and its wise old-timer residents refuse to let Colette go easily. Packed with dramatic and emotional scenes and set in the distinctive watery landscape of Deep South bayou country, The Next Step in the Dance is a novel about hard work, the importance of home and two tenacious protagonists whose relationship is tested to its absolute limit.

Anyway, that’s all for my review of this month’s Moth Box. You should definitely check out Moth Box if you like the sound of these books! Let me know in the comments if you’re interested in purchasing Moth Boxes in future, and if you’ve heard of the books for this month!