Favourite TV shows of all time | Top 10 Tuesday

September 6, 2016     Marissa     Television, Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is tv related in honour of the fall tv shows returning, and I chose to do my top 10 favourite television shows of all time. Aside from reading books, I also like to spend countless hours watching too many shows for one person to keep up with. Asking me to pick my favourite tv show will result in me being very indecisive; it’s impossible to choose. This is really in no particular order, because I love them all too much.

1. Orphan Black

This show is so good. I’m always asking people if they’ve seen it so I can talk about it with them. And if the haven’t seen it, I kind of pester them until they do. I really don’t want to give a description of the plot because it’s seriously better if you go into it without knowing anything. It’s so good. Just watch the first episode and enjoy the ride, you’ll love it. (If you watch it, come and talk to me!)

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’m sure everyone knows about this show, but if you don’t and you have Netflix,  go forth and  watch. This show is definitely a bit cheesy at first, given that it starts in 1997, but just keep watching and you’ll be hooked. Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang are all such kick-ass characters, and this show has everything you could want: angst, comedy, drama, action.. it’s just awesome. Seriously, just go watch it. 90’s television shows are some of the best shows around.

3. Charmed

This is another show that I will say you must watch if you haven’t seen it and badass female witches sound like the kind of thing you’d be interested in. This show is one of my favourites, it will give you all the feels. If you like Supernatural, check this out. It definitely reminded me of that when I first watched it because it’s siblings fighting demons, but it’ll keep you guessing plot-wise. It’s another one that’s kind of cheesy at the beginning, but hey, it’s another 90’s tv show. The magic is awesome, I love all of their powers. You’ll just feel so connected to all the Halliwells.

4. Gilmore Girls

Okay, who else is unable  to contain their excitement about the Netflix revial? I can’t wait. This show is just so good. Although I will say that there are storylines I’d like to pretend don’t exist, and sometimes the characters just get on your nerves but I love it anyway. And I definitely can’t wait to see what they do with the revival.

5. Grey’s Anatomy

THIS SHOW. ALL THE FEELS. ALL THE TIME. I don’t know what else to say except prepare yourself for all the emotions…


I love a lot of police procedural shows, and NCIS is probably my favourite. Abby Sciuto inspired me to study forensic science (granted, I didn’t stick with it, but she had a special place in my heart). I’m so attached to all of these characters. I remember when I first started watching this, I spent literally 2 months straight just binge watching all day every day.

7. Doctor Who

Doctor who is one of the few shows that can literally change every single one of it’s characters and still work, I have gotten to love so many different versions of the Doctor, each with variations in their personalities, and so many different companions. I have loved every single one of them. I love all the wacky space adventures and the all the fun, but there’s definitely a good balance between the humour and the sadness. I love seeing different time periods and planets and creatures.

8. Luther

This show involves one of the best relationships between a detective and a killer to ever grace my television screen; I love these characters so much. This is definitely one of the grittier cop shows I watch, and I love it for that. It’s so good.

9. Bones

I recently re-watched this show because my mom had never seen it from the beginning, and I definitely forgot how much I enjoyed it. I love all the characters so much.  I know I’ve literally said the same thing about all these shows, but it really is such a good show.

10. Sense8

More people really need to watch this show. This is another show where it’s best to go in knowing nothing. Just watch the first episode. Some weird stuff happens, but just sit back and enjoy the ride.

That’s all for Top 10 Tuesday! (But I need to give honourable mentions to The 100, and a new favourite that I feel like everyone has watched: Stranger Things.) Let’s chat about your favourite shows down in the comments.